Tian Dong (Timothy) Cai

MESc Students



Dr. Cedric. L. Briens & Dr. Franco Berruti

Characterizing the Mixing Behavior of Particles in a Jiggle Bed Reactor (JBR)
(Fundamental Studies on JBR and its Applications)

The JBR is a recent innovation for conducting fluidization in a small-scale lab setting. It has the potential to study catalysis and particle mixing before constructing larger scale pilot operations. However, little is known for the mixing behavior of the substances during operations and applications of the JBR. My study will hopefully lay some good foundations for future researchers to understand the operating principles of the JBR, thus, optimizing future JBR experiments and opening new fields of its applications.

Contact Information:
Email: tcai28@uwo.ca
LinkedIn Profile: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/timothycai

2010-2015 Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering, UBC, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2013-2014 Undergraduate Research Assistant, CHBE, UBC, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2015-2016 Geochemistry Lab Technician, SGS Inc., Burnaby, BC, Canada

Tian Dong (Timothy) Cai