Luana Dessbesell

Visiting Students


  • Conduct a technical-economic analysis to estimate the overall costs bio-based PF and PU produced from the forest biorefinery.
  • Develop a SC network design for a forest biorefinery to produce PU and PF.
  • Incorporate uncertainties regarding supply, demand and price variations by developing a stochastic SC design.


Techno-economic Analysis and Supply Chain Design for a Forest Biorefinery to Produce Value-added Bio-based Products from Lignin

Supervisor & Co-Supervisor 

Dr. Chunbao (Charles) Xu and Dr. Reino Pulkki


Lignin is available in kraft pulp mills in Canada because of the bottleneck of the recovery boilers.

Lignin-based products can diversify the pulp industry portfolio increasing revenue margins.

Lignin is a green substitute for petroleum-based chemicals and materials. Products, such as polyurethane foams and phenol formaldehyde, can be manufactured with lignin-based polyols and phenols representing a great market opportunity for lignin.


CNPq – Science without Borders



Luana Dessbesell is a Ph.D. candidate at Lakehead University, Canada. She is currently pursuing her studies on biorefinery economic analysis and supply chain at the Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources at University of Western Ontario, Canada. She has completed an undergrad and a master degree in forest engineering at Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil. She has also worked in a forest consulting company as a Forest Engineer for 2 years. Her disciplines of interest are supply chain, forest operations, forest economics, decision and support tools, biorefining and forest biomass and residues.


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+ 26 conference papers, abstracts and posters.

Luana Dessbesell