Lauren Briens


Dept. of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering


BSc (Honors) - Biochemistry, The University of Western Ontario, 1992
BESc - Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, The University of Western Ontario, 1994
PhD - Chemical Engineering, The University of Western Ontario, 2000


Dr. L. Briens’ research interests include signal analysis with emphasis on powder technology applications. Her current research projects include pharmaceutical particulate manufacturing operations and applications of fluidization.

Granulation is the process in which particles are adhered together to form multiparticle units called granules. Granulation is important for preventing segregation, for stabilizing a mixture, for improving flowability and for improving compaction characteristics. In order to obtain the required granule characteristics, granulation must be stopped at a specified point. My research investigates methods to monitor high-shear granulation.

Wet granules are usually dried in a fluidized bed. My research also investigates non-intrusive monitoring of fluidized bed drying to ensure optimum operation of the bed and to identify the optimum end-point.

Whenever a powder product contains more than one component, a mixing stage is required in the manufacturing process. The goal of the mixing stage is to obtain an even distribution of the components within the powder. My research investigates methods to measure the uniformity of the powder mixture non-intrusively and on-line.

There are many applications of fluidization in chemical engineering. My research investigates non-intrusive acoustic methods of monitoring fluidization.

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KEYWORDS: powder technology, fluidization, signal analysis, acoustic monitoring, pharmaceutical manufacturing

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Lauren Briens