Martin Successfully defends his PhD Thesis!!

Martin Huard has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled “Residence Time Distribution Measurements and Modelling in a Circulating Fluidized Bed Downer Reactor & Gas-Solids Separator” on April 20, 2015.

 Congratulations, Martin!

2 ICFAR students Present at Paperweek

Congratulations to Anastasia Colomba and Dongbing Li who were selected to represent the NSERC Strategic Network, Lignoworks, at PaperWeek Canada 2015 In Montreal, Quebec, February 2 - 5, 2015.  Anastasia is a graduate student at ICFAR, working towards her Ph.D..  She delivered a presentation, "Production of Adsorbent Materials from Kraft Lignin and Application to the Remediation of Oil Sands Process Water", at the FIBRE Day.  She also presented a poster by the same title.  her work was co-authored with Rambabu Nedunuri (university of Saskatchewan), Jon Bailey (Environment Canada), Ajay Dalai (University of Saskatchewan), Cedric Briens and Franco Berruti (both of ICFAR).  Dr. Dongbing Li, a postdoctoral fellow at ICFAR, presented a poster entitled “Autothermal Fast Pyrolysis of Birch Bark and Kraft Lignin for Wood Adhesives”, co-authored with Cedric Briens and Franco Berr...

Shuttle bus to ICFAR delayed until 10am

Due to inclement weather the shuttle bus from TEB to ICFAR is delayed until 10am.

If weather conditions do not improve we may cancel thr shuttle. Please check back for updates.