Franco, Dongbing and Mohammad attended the ECI Conference in Chiana, Greece

Mohammad gave two oral presentations at the conference:

1: Biorefinery for Greenhouse Tomato Plant Residues

2: A New Two-Dimensional Pyrolysis Process for Concentrating and Separating High-Value Liquid Products from Plant Biomass

Dongbing was the conference photographer (pictures on next few slides) and gave a presentation titled: "Autothermal Fast Pyrolysis of Wood Residues for Wood Adhesives".

Franco presented on Anastasia's behalf: "Production of Activated Carbons from Pyrolytic Biochar".

ICFAR welcomes new students for the Fall term!

Chiara Barbiero, PhD Student supervised by Dr Berruti & Dr Briens

Prateek Agarwal, PhD student supervised by  Dr Berruti & Dr Briens

Afsana Sara Kabir, MESc student supervised by Dr Xu

Brett Pomeroy, MESc student supervised by Dr Pjontek

Muhammad Owais Iqbal Bhatti, MESc student supervised by Dr Berruit & Dr Briens