Ontario Centres of Excellence Grant

Drs. Cedric Briens and Franco Berruti have been awarded a $210,000 grant, "Upgrading of a Mobile Pyrolyzer Demonstration Plant", over two years from the Ontario Centres of Excellence. The purpose of the project is to conduct research and development work to transform a mobile pyrolyzer for agricultural waste, which has been succesfully developed and tested at the Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources (ICFAR) at The University of Western Ontario, into a reliable and versatile commercial unit by developing a new type of biomass injector, an integrated biomass dryer a fractional condensation train, and a new technology for char removal. With the OCE Collaborative grant, the ICFAR Director, Dr. Franco Berruti, and its Research Director, Dr. Cedric Briens, and their partner, Ron Golden of Agri-Therm, have developed a new mobile pyrolyzer. This new proc...

NSERC Strategic Research Grant

C. Briens received an NSERC Strategic Research Grant with co-applicants F. Berruti, P. Charpentier, and J. Brandle and I. Scott from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada along with industrial support from Agri-Therm Ltd. and GreenField Ethanol. This research will develop a new, practical technology for the conversion of agricultural waste into fuels and valuable products. Pyrolysis is an ideal process for the conversion of biomass into high value-added products. It produces bio-oil that can be shipped to a biorefinery for refining into green chemicals and biofuels. The most promising technologies for biomass pyrolysis on a commercial scale are the fluidized bed pyrolyzers, which include downers and risers for short residence times, and bubbling/turbulent fluidized beds for longer residence times. This research will use riser, downer and regular fluidized pilot plants to pyr...

NSERC Collaborative Research Grant

C. Briens and F. Berruti received an NSERC Collaborative Research Grant for the project "Conversion of agricultural wastes and crops into bio-oil and syngas", with DynaMotive Energy Systems Corp. and Agri-Therm Ltd.