F. Berruti co-authored a paper that was selected one of the two best papers published in 2016

The paper entitled "Biochar as an Exceptional Bioresource for Energy, Agronomy, Carbon Sequestration, Activated Carbon and Specialty Materials”, co-authored by Sonil Nanda, Ajay K. Dalai, Franco Berruti, and Janusz A. Kozinski and published in Waste and Biomass Valorization, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 201–235 has been selected as one of the 2 BEST PAPERS published in the year 2016.

New People at ICFAR in July

Prof. Enkhsaruul (Saruul) Byambajav, Visiting Professor. Saruul will be working with Dr Xu for 2 months until the end of August, funded by Western Visiting University Scholar Program, working on coal/biomass gasification. Saruul is currently a professor and Director of the Laboratory for Clean Energy Technology Development at National University of Mogolia.

Ms. Xiayang (Sarah) Li, Visiting Student. Sarah will spend 6 months in Dr Xu’s lab at ICFAR, as a visiting research student working on application of crop residue bio-oils for bio-based materials. Sarah is currently a MSc student in Chemical Engineering at Tianjin University.

Adeline Geng, Volunteer. Adeline is a 2nd year student volunteering in Dr Xu’s lab for the month of July.

A warm welcome to the students who started May 2017

Waleed Jadaa – PhD Student with Dr Berruti & Briens

Avery Weintraub – Undergrad Summer Student with Dr Briens

Sara Alsaadi – Undergrad Summer Student with Dr Briens

Tianqi Liang -  Meng Student with Dr Xu

Jennifer Rogers – Undergrad Summer Student with Dr Xu

Danmei Chen – Undergrad Summer Student with Dr Pjontek