NSERC Strategic Research Grant

Wed, 06/25/2008

C. Briens received an NSERC Strategic Research Grant with co-applicants F. Berruti, P. Charpentier, and J. Brandle and I. Scott from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada along with industrial support from Agri-Therm Ltd. and GreenField Ethanol.

This research will develop a new, practical technology for the conversion of agricultural waste into fuels and valuable products. Pyrolysis is an ideal process for the conversion of biomass into high value-added products. It produces bio-oil that can be shipped to a biorefinery for refining into green chemicals and biofuels. The most promising technologies for biomass pyrolysis on a commercial scale are the fluidized bed pyrolyzers, which include downers and risers for short residence times, and bubbling/turbulent fluidized beds for longer residence times.

This research will use riser, downer and regular fluidized pilot plants to pyrolyze several feedstocks of special interest to Canada.

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