ICFAR welcomes 12 new people

Wed, 05/11/2011

Dr. Charles Xu An NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Forest Biorefinery, supported by FPInnovations.  Dr. Xu will join Western as an Associate Professor in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering.

Dr. Hassan Ghasiaskar  A Visiting Professor/Self-Funded Academic Researcher will b at ICFAR from May 1 through August 31, 2011.  He is collaborating with Dr. Xu while on sabbatical from Isfahan University of Technology (Iran)

Shuna Cheng and Shanghua Feng Graduate students from Lakehead University with Dr. Xu, they will complete their research at ICFAR.

Nubla Mahmood  A graduate student (PhD) working with Dr. Xu.

WeiMaan (Raymond) Ching  A summer student, supported by the Lignoworks project, working with Dr. Xu.

Dr. Zhongshun (Sean) Yuan  A postdoctoral fellow at Lakehead, we hope to hire Dr. Yuan as a Research Associate to help coordinate Dr. Xu's research team. 

Emhemmed Youssef  A postdoctoral fellow.

Muhammad Nurunnabi Siddiquee - A  Ph.D. student who will be working on Fundamental Studies of Thermal Cracking Reactors

Clayton Stanlick  An NSERC-USRA recipient, who will be working with Isabella Aigner on the co-gasification of petroleum coke and biomass.

Tom Butler A summer undergraduate student working on the Lignoworks project of Dr. Berruti, Extraction of aromatics from lignin pyrolysis oils.

Jason Campbell Asummer undergraduate student working on the Lignoworks project of Dr. Briens, Fluidized bed pyrolysis of lignin for the production of aromatics.

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