BioEnergy IV Conference June 9-14, 2013

Thu, 06/20/2013

ICFAR’s contributions to the recent BioEnergy IV Conference, held in Otranto (Italy) between June 9 and 14, 2013, have been truly outstanding.  Mohammad Hossain, Valentina Lago, Anastasia Colomba, Federico Berruti, Izad Behnia, Homaira Siddiqui, Roel Westerhof, Franco Berruti, Cedric Briens, and Lars Rehmann all contributed both oral and poster presentations.  The most remarkable accomplishment is that Homaira Siddiqui has won the “Best Presentation + Poster” Award of the BioEnergy IV Conference.  This is an outstanding accomplishment since everybody participated in the competition and not only students! In addition, Roel Westerhof is one of the co-authors who has been recognized with the “Best Poster” award, based on work that he has done at the University of Twente before joining ICFAR.

 Attached are two pictures:
1.       Homaira presenting her winning paper
2.       Valentina Lago and Anastasia Colomba reunited at BioEnergy IV with former ICFARian Pietro Palmisano, who is now working at M&G in Tortona (Italy).

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