8th World Congress of Chemical Engineering. August 23-27, 2009

Sat, 08/30/2008

8th World Congress of Chemical Engineering. August 23-27, 2009 ICFAR presented the following papers at the 8th World Congress of Chemical Engineering in Montreal:
1. Assessing the Performance of Liquid Injectors For Fluidized Beds
2. Intermittent Slug Injection System for Biomass Particles into Fluid Bed Pyrolysis Reactors
3. Kinetics of the Thermal Cracking of Model Compounds Representative of Biomass, Bio-oils and Fossil Hydrocarbon Feedstocks
4. Penetration of High Velocity Horizontal Gas Jets Into A Fluidized Bed At High Temperature: Measurements and Numerical Simulation
5. A commercial-scale mobile pyrolyzer for biomass conversion to bio-oil and bio-char
6. CFD Modeling of a Fast Gas-Solid Separator For Downer Reactors
7. Jet-Bed Interaction and Distribution of Liquid Injected into a Large Scale Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed
8. Gasification of Char From the Flash Pyrolysis of Biomass
9. Effect of Steam and Oxygen on the Thermal Cracking of Bio-Oil for Syngas Production
10. Pyrolysis of Dried Distiller’s Grains into Bio-oil in a Bubbling Fluid Bed Pilot Plant and a Commercial Scale Mobile Pyrolyzer
11. Development and Testing of a Novel Induction Microreactor to Test Catalysts For Bio-Oil Gasification
12. Thermal Conductivity of Agglomerate Material For Non-Evaporating And Evaporating Conditions
13. Flash Pyrolysis of Biodiesel Residues
14. A Mobile Pyrolysis Technology for the Conversion of Biomass into Bio-Oil

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