Professor Philip Jessop of Queen's University is the 2012 recipient of the Chemical Institute of Canada's Green Chemistry and Engineering Award for an Individual. Professor Jessop is honoured for his work in developing more benign solvents for chemical processing and especially for his pioneering development of "switchable solvents" - solvents whose character can be changed from hydrophilic to hydrophobic by the simple addition or removal of carbon dioxide. The concept has already been applied to develop greener processes for extracting soy bean oil and recycling polystyrene foam. In his Lignoworks research, Professor Jessop is adapting this technology for the purification of lignin-derived pyrolysis oil.

Professor Jessop joins fellow Lignoworks researchers Franco Berruti and Tom Baker as a recipient of the Green Chemistry Award, continuing what we hope will become a Lignoworks tradition!

Published on (date): 
Thu, 08/23/2012