The Lignoworks Biomaterials and Chemicals Strategic Research Network held its first Annual General Meeting at the Hockley Resort near Orangeville Ontario on May 11-13, 2011

Mike Rushton, COO of Lignoworks Industrial Partner Lignol Innovations, gave a keynote address to our researchers, outlining Lignol's vision of the importance of value-added lignin products to the success of the forest biorefinery and the role of Lignoworks in advancing this agenda.

Following the keynote, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows gave 10-minute summaries of their projects as a way to introduce all attendees to the richer information that would be available from their posters in the poster session that followed.

Mike Rushton of Lignol kicked off the meeting with his keynote address
Mike Rushton of Lignol gives a keynote address
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Wed, 06/01/2011