John Kadla, Scientific Director of Lignoworks, is proud to welcome Alberta-Pacific (Alpac) to the Lignoworks NSERC Strategic Network as an industrial partner.

Geoff Clarke, Business Analyst for Alpac's Corporate Planning Department gives the following reasons for Alpac choosing to join the Network:

"Alpac is interested in the opportunities to generate value-added lignin applications as part of an integrated biorefinery. Most of the woody-biomass fractionation processes we have assessed include Lignin as a by-product. Traditionally, most models have simply used this lignin as a fuel, displacing natural gas and recovering only the heating value in return.

We anticipate, via the Lignoworks network, assistance in determining a competitive method to fractionate a quality lignin in addition to a high quality sugar stream, development of mid-to-high value applications and an opportunity to establish partnerships to assist in the commercialization of these lignin-based applications. The goal is an integrated business stream that significantly improves economics of the biorefinery and achieves the highest value and most complete utilization of the tree. Much of the work conducted to date on Lignin has focused on using black liquor precipitated lignin to make phenol formaldehyde resins replacements. We feel that expanding into higher value applications for Lignin is the long term objective, and Lignoworks is focused on exactly that."

Published on (date): 
Thu, 03/01/2012