*Alumni* Charles Greenhalf , Postdoctoral Fellow

Charles Greenhalf's Projects: 1. Project coordinator for the BioFuelNet (BFN) Central Pyrolysis Platform. 2. Support for graduate students working under BFN, projects are as follows: I. Mixing and operability characteristics of mechanically fluidized reactors (MFR) for the pyrolysis of biomass. II. Catalytic Upgrading of Pyrolysis Vapours (In- and Ex-situ) and Bio-oil’s. Objectives: 1. To coordinate BFN activities, directed by the platform leader, among principle investigators throughout Canada. Our long term goals are to: I. Identify, develop and demonstrate the best possible technologies for the integration of renewable resources into the conventional petroleum and petrochemical industries. II. Produce sustainable infrastructure-compatible biofuels and biochemicals in the context of Southwestern Ontario (densely populated area rich of agricultural, forestry and municipal resources). 2. To investigate the impact of gas and vapour evolution during pyrolysis on power consumption, and to assess mixing speed on the rate of pyrolysis and on the product distribution of the bio-oil. 3. To explore in-situ and ex-situ pyrolysis vapour upgrading using the MFR. Importance: The importance of these projects lies within the areas of sustainability, product development and the integration of research expertise. Sponsors: BioFuelNet - BioFuelNet Canada is a Network of Centres of Excellence that brings together the Canadian biofuels research community. The objective of BioFuelNet is to aggressively address the challenges impeding the growth of an advanced biofuels industry, which is a key component of the energy mix of the future. Advanced biofuels are produced from non-food materials, such as algae, agricultural waste, forestry by-products and municipal waste. Publications: -Greenhalf, C.E., Nowakowski, A.B., Titiloye, J.O., Bridgwater, A.V., Yates, N. Riche, A., Shield, I., Thermochemical characterisation of straws and high yielding perennial grasses. Industrial Crops and Products. 2012, 36, 449-459. -Greenhalf, C.E., Nowakowski, D.J., Harms, A.B., Titiloye, J.O., & Bridgwater, A.V. Sequential pyrolysis of willow SRC at low and high heating rates – implications for selective pyrolysis. Fuel. 2012, 93, 692-702. -Greenhalf, C.E., Nowakowski, A.B., Bridgwater, A.V., Yates, N. Riche, A., Shield, I., The influence of harvest and storage on the properties of and fast pyrolysis products from Miscanthus x giganteus. Biomass & Bioenergy. 2013, 56, 247-259. -Greenhalf, C.E., Nowakowski, D.J., Harms, A.B., Titiloye, J.O., & Bridgwater, A.V., A comparative study of straw, perennial grasses and hardwoods in terms of fast pyrolysis products. Fuel. 2013, 108, 216-230.


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