Knowledge Transfer, Technology Transfer, Commercialization and Policy Development

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THEME 6 – Knowledge Transfer, Technology Transfer, Commercialization and Policy Development

Investigate existing knowledge networks to identify the key success factors required to develop sustainable biorefinery clusters in Canada and examine the degree political (policy), economic and social factors will influence entrepreneurial firms’ technology development decision-making and performance by:

1) reviewing, summarizing and conducting research into biorefining best practices and knowledge dissemination;

2) applying new knowledge directly to the outcomes of the other themes in order to test the results and to jump-start and accelerate the process of commercialization.

T. Bansal* (University of Western Ontario), D. Cunningham (University of Western Ontario), P. Paolatto (Agri-Therm Inc.), L . Townley-Smith (AAFC), M. Stumborg (AAFC), J. Adams* (University of Western Ontario), D. Hewson (University of Western Ontario), J. Kabel (University of Western Ontario), R. Ranganathan (Saskatchewan Research Council)

* Theme Co-Leader


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