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THEME 3 – Green Fuels

Develop integrated and original approaches for the complete utilization of biomass feedstocks to produce green fuel products, including as examples: bio-diesel, bio-syndiesel, bio-ethanol and higher alcohols, syngas, H2, bio-butanol, bio-jet fuel, by studying:

1) bio-diesel production and applications;

2) bio-oil production and applications;

3) syngas, hydrogen and biogas production and applications;

4) bio-ethanol and bio-butanol production and applications.

A. Dalai* (University of Saskatchewan), J. Chaouki* (École Polytechnique de Montréal), R. Ranganathan (Saskatchewan Research Council), D. Anweiler (Saskatchewan Research Council), N. Ellis (University of British Columbia), K. Smith (University of British Columbia), S. Duff (University of British Columbia), P Watkinson (University of British Columbia), N. Abatzoglou (Université de Sherbrooke), E. Chornet (Université de Sherbrooke), C. Briens (University of Western Ontario), F. Berruti (University of Western Ontario), H. DeLasa (University of Western Ontario), H. Wang (National Research Council), G. Wolfaardt (Ryerson University), Y. Dahman (Ryerson University), A. Lohi (Ryerson University), G. Hill (University of Saskatchewan), J. Kozinski (University of Saskatchewan), T. Pugsley (University of Saskatchewan), C. Niu (University of Saskatchewan), S. Helle (University of Northern British Columbia), W. McCaffrey (University of Alberta), M. Thomson (University of Toronto).

* Theme Co-Leader


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