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THEME 2 – Green Chemicals

Efficient use of crop or plant residues, generating valuable chemicals and pharmaceuticals for agricultural, industrial or medicinal uses (i.e., green chemicals), by:

1)  identifying the most promising feedstocks and products through the study of biological activity and chemical identification;

2) producing pyrolytic bio-oils with a high concentration of valuable products from a variety of feedstocks;

3)  developing technology for the commercial scale pyrolysis of promising feedstocks;

4)  separating valuable chemicals from the bio-oil product streams;

5) transforming into valuable chemicals the dirty glycerol byproduct of the transesterification of vegetable oils to biodiesel;

6)  upgrading biomass or pyrolytic bio-char to high value products such as fertilizers, carbon fibers, molecular sieves and conductive aerogels for advanced applications;

7)  production of monomers and polymers;

8)  introduction of new functional biomaterials based on renewable resources.

C. Briens* (University of Western Ontario), I. Scott* (AAFC), F. Berruti (University of Western Ontario), X. Bi (University of British Columbia), J. Chaouki (École Polytechnique de Montréal), P. Charpentier (University of Western Ontario), K. Yeung (University of Western Ontario), E. Chornet (Université de Sherbrooke), A. Dalai (University of Saskatchewan), Y. Dahman (Ryerson University), R. Dutton (University of Guelph), P. Paolatto (Agri-Therm Inc.), B. McGarvey (AAFC), K. Conn (AAFC), S. Liss (University of Guelph), M. Schlaf (University of Guelph)

* Theme Co-Leader


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