Feedstock Enhancement and Biorefinery Interface

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THEME 1 - Feedstock Enhancement and Biorefinery Interface

Reduce handling, storage and processing costs, and to ensure a steady supply of lignocellulose feedstock required for biorefineries, by:

1) improving genetic attributes of cereal crops leading to better adaptation of genotypes for dual grain and biomass production in Canada;

2) developing efficacy of densification technologies for new or improved cereal varieties for emerging bioproducts;

3) interfacing between biomass production and biomass conversion platforms within ABIN by integrating feedstock supply and conversion models;

4) studying the environmental impacts on these technologies and feedstock base.

L. Tabil* (University of Saskatchewan), S. Sokhansanj (University of British Columbia), S. Panigrahi (University of Saskatchewan), G. Turcotte (Ryerson University), P. Krishna* (University of Western Ontario), R. Knox (AAFC)

* Theme Co-Leader


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